Lemerand 3 - Right-facing kitchen sink in brass


Lemerand 3 - Right-facing kitchen sink in brass

A unique craft made from the best materials. The sink is bent out of one solid (2 mm) brass plate. In the first months of use, the sink will be stained like a leopard, after which a more uniform patination will appear. Soft joints in the corners make it easy to keep the sink clean and the bottom has a slope of 6 mm so that the water itself runs off.

Note that the suggested measurements can vary by +/- 0.05% because the sink is handmade.

The sink is made exclusively of pure brass in a mixture of 70% copper and 30% zinc. There is no lead or silver solder in joints. The high content of copper in brass alloy means that neither viruses nor bacteria can survive on the surface of the sink.

Bottom valve, grate and overflow are included with the sink.

Technical drawing